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Blue Screen of Death while running Visilogic

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Has anyone else had problems getting the Blue Screen of Death while using Visilogic? It has happened to me once a day for the last 3 days and about 10 times over the past couple months. Each time after i reboot my computer i have to uninstall / reinstall Visilogic and i lose the .vlp program i was working on when the error happened.

It has happened both when saving the program to my laptop's hard drive and while downloading to a PLC.

Unitronics support suggested i use their USB to Serial converter. I ordered it and hopefully that solves the problem.

Anyone ever see something like this?

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I get it when messing about with Bluetooth serial ports and modems. If Visilogic tries to open a COM port that is associated with a Bluetooth modem, the modem must be initialised, or it all goes down in a heap.

I have had a similar experiences with a virtual COM port, but after the first time I just avoided the situation, so don't have much info on that one.

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This exact same problem just happened with a different computer. This new computer has never had a serial port other than the one supplied by unitronics.

It happened again while i was saving my .vlp to my laptops internal hard drive.

I am attaching a screen shot of the error i get when trying to open visilogic after the blue screen.

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