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Can you help me for create a program for monitoring this action of user ?


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Hi ! I'm apprentice automation engienner and i would create a fonction for monitoring they action of user in table .

I have reach a different topic but im very lost .

For begining i have understand i need in first time a account in the unitronic and differents team but what can i write this action in table as the alarms ?

Thanks for you answers !

i use a unitronic 1.19 and 1.21

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Hi ORSO2001 , yes i would like for example to know if a user to open a valve


Hi Joe Tauser for user actions this concerns all the hmi view tags such as apuuyes on some images and i worked with my boss


Thanks you !


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ok...in my projects I created a DTI of 1 row that is referred at a struct called EVENT; in this struct at the end I included 4 strings variables; DATE, TIME, DEVICE, EVENT.

DATE and TIME are used to know when the action was done; DEVICE is what was modified; EVENT is a "long" string that contain the informations...for example last value and new value...or other things.

every time that something happened you will trig a BIT to populate the DTI and save (append) the DTI in a file in the SD....this file will be your Events LOG file.

Usually I do this to know the power ON of the PLC....and save every x minute the ON status of the PLC to understand if it is powered or not...to know who is logged in or logged out...to know what was done...etc 

to do this I create an UDFB that accept 4 functionIN...(DATE, TIME, DEVICE, EVENT); in this way I can pass or static strings or composed by what I need to know/insert.

to know if something was modify I usually create a local copy of the information that the HMI has at the moment and I verify if this is changed or not...obviously depends what you are managing as data.

I hope that is clear enough

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