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I recently needed to add some extra I/O to a Vision 1040.

I had an old V200-18-E3XB (maybe 6 years old)

Tried everything except a big hammer to get it to snap into the 1040 but it was not going to happen.

Ordered a new model and this snaps in perfectly.

On looking at both the circuit board in the older unit covers the 4 corners where the 1040 has some plastic protrusions.

The new board is open at the corners allowing the unit to connect.

Does this mean that the old E3XB is not compatible with the new controller.

If so it would be worth noting for anyone planning to upgrade to a newer PLC.

Photo below shows older unit on the TOP.





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I was unaware they had changed the board shape, but it does make sense because the old Snap I/O modules had a nasty habit of coming un-clipped from the PLC.

So to answer your question - yes, they are not compatible.  Unless you get your Dremel tool out and cut the corners off.

2 hours ago, sgull said:

If so it would be worth noting for anyone planning to upgrade to a newer PLC.

This is worth noting not just for an upgrade but for a replacement as well.  I looked at a V570 I had handy and it's got the little plastic bosses that would create the interference you describe.

Joe T.

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Hi Joe

Looking at the board there are no electronics or circuits in the 4 corners.

It would fit if the corners were cut.

This was obviously something done intentionally to prevent older snap in from being used on newer PLC's.

Would it be possible to find out what the incompatibility issue was?




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