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u90Ladder and Long Int

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In debugging some odd behaviour of the "Long Int" function in u90Ladder, I found that the use of constants as operands is a no-no. Even though SB82 is set prior to the function, if a constant is used as one of the operands, the result is only a 16-bit value. So, you must use MI values even if the value isn't gouing to change, and make sure that two MIs per value are allocated, even if the upper MI is zero.

It would be handly if this could be fixed, so a 16-bit constant was automatically padded with zeros to become a 32-bit value; but knowing the workaround is OK.

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Hello Simon,

You're 100% right - Special function "Long integer" operates only on MI. It doesn't accept constant numberts. This is not a bug - this si the way the function is operating and will not (cannot) be changed. If I'm not wrong, this point is stated in Help topic. If not - it will...

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