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Good Morning

I have a new project in which my customer wants the system to scan a barcode, connected either via serial or ethernet and then record the barcodes scanned.

That bit is no issue, was going to use a data table and store all of the scans done, and use the last entry to give him a total.

However he has just thrown a wrench in what I had planned as he wants the details on the screen too.

Not only that he wants to show a totalized list of the barcodes scan with a subtotal for each barcode scanned during the day, and I am not sure how to created that on the PLC. And I will not know what those barcodes will be, could be one barcode, could be 10 different (they have 3000 different products, but fortunately not all running at once.)


I will be using a V570 for this.

Has anyone got any knowledge of doing this type of thing previously, or even if its possible?



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  • MVP 2023

I haven't done anything like this before either, but I would imagine that you would do a data table lookup after each barcode scan, and if the barcode already exists in the DT, increment the value for the daily subtotal. If the barcode doesn't exist, then enter it in the first empty row.

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  • MVP 2023

Scanning barcodes is easy enough, but this is one of those applications you'll have to build on the bench with the PLC and the barcode scanner in front of you.  Flex has the proper approach, but first you'll need to get the barcode reader talking to the PLC.

Then you'll have to build a screen with a bunch of Data Table read blocks to display all the data. 

Post your code if you get frustrated.

Joe T.


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