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Hi Guys,


I have a new project to retrofit a mobile (vehicle) pile driver machine and I'm now in the process of hardware selection.

The machine's decentralized control system was based on an obsolete CANopen Master controller made by IFM. 

It is a special controller for mobile machine applications and designed for harsh environments with excess vibration.


Basically the question is:

A normal PLC would be a reliable solution or should i use a controller specially designed for that purpose?


What I'm thinking is to use a V570 (to be installed inside operator's cabinet) along with some third party CANopen I/O modules and sensors.

Does anyone have any experience with using Unitronics PLC's for such applications?


(PS) There are a lot of special controllers for mobile applications out there, most of them are based on CODESYS.





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Hi Kikis, never done this but have seen it done with other gear.......but doesn't mean Unitronics gear can't take it.  But mobile machinery, especially a pile driver, generates big Gs.  I vaguely remember Joe T talked about plc in trucks once when referring to noise on power supply or a 12-24 inverter, so this means he may have done it.

But I'd really be getting onto HO for specific answers.  If they say OK, to me the main thing is every component is solid state, very filtered supply, control in a steel enclosure, steel armoured flexible conduit, remote connections screwed connection Oring seal types, connections all well supported etc.  The thing needs to be built for ease of maintenance as well as reliability.  You probably have already figured this all out, but just throwing ideas at you.



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