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Size in memory of ten Data Samplers


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Dear All,

I my next project I have to check and record the weight inside some SILO (10); I will use UINT32 tag for the weight and a UINT8 for the filled %; I need to sample these value every minute and create a daily files records, one for each SILO; I will show these information in 10 individual trend graphs (one for each SILO)...at the end I will have 10 folders (one for each data sampler).

My question is: doing in this way I will have problem with the PLC memory capacity?...or all will works without problem?

sorry but is the first time that I use the data sampler...I checked the example and how this works is clear...I have only a doubt about the memory.


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Hello Andrea,

Sorry for the delay answer.


In UniStream trends are saved to the SD  card.

The file will be save either when the user manually stops the sampling, when the sample has reached 60,000 samples or when there s power reset.

You can have in one application up to 32 trends and in each of them up to 16 curves or feeds.

Using UNT32 instead of INT16 should not make a difference.

Hope this information helps

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Hello EduMarg,

thanks for replay...yes this clarify a lot.

other question is about the "Maximal number of files in SD" that I can set (32_512)...one of the options is for "dat sampler files"...If I have 10 trends, then I will have 10 subfolder in the data sample folder, the maximal number of file is referred at the sum of all 10 folders or is referred at the single folder?


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