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Sadly, I may have to replace my ancient, but faithful Windows 7 laptop, something I'm loathe to do. However, if I should replace it, I want to prioritize the right specs for VisiLogic.

One issue is that when there is an HMI screen that is packed with elements, particularly high resolution screens like the V700 or V1210, then any action on that screen in VisiLogic can be unbearably slow. Even just unselecting an element can take a few seconds and moving a whole group of elements can take 5-10 seconds just to move them one pixel. What would speed that up? Do I need a high power graphics card, or is this mostly CPU dependent?

Another issue is that in VisiLogic 9.8.65 it can take 5-10 seconds to open up a large project. This is MUCH longer than in previous versions. Since there is no direct copy and paste, it can often be necessary to open and close projects frequently to copy elements over from another project. What would speed up the open file process? Is that CPU intensive, or would an SSD be more helpful?

I'm hoping someone with intimate knowledge of how VisiLogic works might be able to provide a definitive answer. Maybe @Saragani? Or maybe someone who has done a recent computer upgrade and found something that made a difference.


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I just bought a low-end "student" Dell laptop from Microcenter for a second programming terminal.  It works surprisingly well.  I suspect if you got the one with the solid state drive it would work even better - my old Dell with an SSD is pretty fast on Visilogic.

The one I bought:


The next one up:


Joe T.

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