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EX-RC1 and V200/18-E3XB/I/O-expansions

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My customer want more I/O in my project. It started with V200/18-E3XB and have now 7 I/O expansions. Now he want another 7 temperature measurements and I do not have room for this in the cabinet. Can I use EX-RC1 and an I/O-expansion on the already configured system and put this remote? I get a warning when I try to define EX-RC1 in the project.


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Yes, you can add an EX-RC1 to your system but an EX-RC1 is a separate CPU with  a separate program that broadcasts its data to the master. Look in the Help for examples on how to use the UniCAN block and look at this thread and the attached programs I modified:

 Have a go at it and post any programs you have questions on.

Joe T.

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