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Timers in sequence

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I'm trying to activate an output a set time after the enter key has been pressed, but several times. So when the key is pressed the first time a timer starts for say 10s and then activates the output. Whilst this timer is running I would like to start another timer for say 15s with the next key press. I've been trying to have a MB that says timer 1 is active so start timer 2 but all I can achive is for both timers to start when the enter key is pressed the first time.

What I have so far attached and any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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  • MVP 2023

I'll think about this and respond when I have more time, but I have to ask the question why don't you want to use different keypad numbers to activate a timer matched to that number?  I can see all sorts of issues arising with what you want to do, especially with things getting very confusing for the screen user.

cheers, Aus

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