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Store and Load from data table


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I'm using the PLC usp-070 and trying to use data table. I have an SD card in the PLC and:
       when I use the function "store DTI to file" I get error status '-31'
       when I use "load DTI from file" i get error status '-4'
the SD card is FAT32.

I'm new with UniLogic and every help will be appreciated.


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hi Moran,

with error -31 seams that you are trying to save "0" (zero) rows in the file...or maybe more than how many are in theDTI...you have to check the value of the "D" variable in the "Store DTI ti File" function.

usually at teh first start up of my programs, when I check if a file is already present, to load the file in the DTI, and the file is not created yet, I have alarm -4...then Icreate the files where I will store DTI....then seams that you are trying to read a file that don't exist...or maybe you have insert a wrong "number" of rows to trasfer...check teh "B", "D", "E" variable in the function.

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thanks for your reply.

befor i used the function store dti to file I inserted 2 row to the table with write to dti function and i verified with the online mode that the values were inserted to the table and then i used the store function and recive the error -31

When I looked in the sd card I couldn’t see the dt file supposed to be created.


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times ago I have had problem with the DTI store but was the SD card faulty...replaced the SD all start to works...I don't remember which error I had.

However...put some immage about the status of your command after that this is start...to check the value of the variables...

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