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Step control problem Samba

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I'm using the Samba to control a simple servo.

It works with the step control hso.

Everething works ok , only it is not possible to make a homing cycle.

How can i reset DW0 in the file included ?

I can't do anything with this operand.

There must be a solution because when there is no homing you can't use the stepper function to positioning ??

test stappenmotor.vlp

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I can't run your program as I don't have a Samba.  And I don't normally play with steppers so this is new to me too.  From what you are saying it would appear that because the hardware config is told  DW0 (in your case) is the count, then there is an automatic system lock on it being changed through normal methods.  In this case I would have thought there was a reset SB/MB somewhere, but not found.  Have you tried "Reset Numeric"?  Or include it in your display with a numeric entry possible?

Someone else chime in who actually knows?  Pretty please!

cheers, Aus

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