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Pop up window for HMI screen


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Dear sir/Madam,
I done small projects with  UniStream. I got one large project. Can i have some help to carry out this project. I am not so professional oly a small scale programmer. 

I'm attaching one of screen shots of an existing project. we are planning to upgrade this with Unistream PLC. In the photo red color valves, when we touch on particular valve a pop up screen should come with showing two buttons OPEN   CLOSE. like at right side upper corner of the screen. 

can we do this by designing single screen and when touch the valve the screen will pop for with that particular valve number. or we have to make pop screen for each valve. like this there are 3 screens with same number of valves. I did not buy the HMI UNIT and CPU to try.  Please help.


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Hi Meetto,

I don't know exactly what you have to do but I think that each valve will be a "binary immage" item that will contain the ON/open and OFF/close status.

also for this item, in its property window, in the "action attributes" you will add the SET action for these two bit...one is to open the pop up menu...second is to enable the action of this pop up menu for the specifici valve.

in the ladder you will have a row for each valve that include...a contact for the selected valve, a contact for the ON command, the ON command, a reset for the pop up menu bit, a reset for the selection of the valve and a reset for the ON command.

the same for the OFF command.

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