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DTI selection of column from ROW and column value


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Dear Sir,
Please help on following DTI usage.

I am using EXCEL sheet as attached for showing volume of tank. We have 2 conditions. 1. NEGATIVE TRIM 2. POSITIVE TRIM. trim is calculated by our sensor. The height of the liquid is also calculated by pressure sensor. 

From the liquid height according to positive or negative trim, select the volume from the cell. This value want show in a numeric box. For example, I know my tank list is positive and sounding is 0.25 and trim of 1.5, as per excel sheet my volume will be 5.12 Metric cube. Want to pick this 5.12 value and show in numeric box.

if in negative trim, at 0.25 depth and negative trim of 1 my volume will be -0.67 metric cube.

From excel sheet how I can select  using DTI

I marked it red for ease of reading. Can you help on this please. I have limited access to internet. cannot search and study the examples. This will be great help for me.

With regards
Attachments area


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Dear Sir,

Have good day.

The volume of the tank with respect to height of the liquid and Trim not strictly  a  mathematical formula. The tanks are are of irregular shapes. 

This table made and given at the time of ship's construction. we have to follow this other wise ship's stability will change.

in normal condition we take the sounding(height of the water) manually. The trim we calculate by how much the forwad of the ship and aft of the ship is summered. then take the difference. then we check the table, The ROW and column meets, is our volume.


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Hi Meetto,

ok...so you have to play at "battleship"...i am not sure to have understood how your table works...the "sound" cells increase every time by 0.05 then is a constant that can be used to define the rows in the table...also the trim variation is always by 0.5 then other constant...so I think that you can create a single table for each trim column...you can check if the trim has a specific value to determinate which table has to check...by the sound value you can check/load the row value...for this last, to determinate the row number, you can multiply the sound value for 100 and divide for 5...example...sound 0 will be (0*100)/5=0 (row 0 in the table)...sound is 0.25 will be (0.25*100)/5 = 5 (row 5 in the table).

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Dear Sir,

So mean to say in Unitronics, we cannot select a cell with reference to row value  and column value. 

Then I think I need to change the PLC. I have 40 tanks to work. it is very sad.

My plan was like this. 

i have a tag which shows sounding. ( In EXCEL sheet it shows SOUND) i have tag which shows the trim ( Tr=0.Tr=1,Tr=1.5 etc etc) From  excel sheet the program should find the row , then column, then resulted cell in another tag which is volume.


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hi Meetto,

maybe I misunderstood what you mean/need...has the PLC take the information directly from the excell file in your PC or these information can be stored in a DT in the PLC?...the cells values are variables or static?

just to be clear....the columns in a table are indexed by a "name" not by a value...then if you have a table X with columns A,B,C you can search/insert/cancel/read a value in the X.A or X.B or X.C...the result can be or the table row where the value is stored or the value of the specific row in the specific column etc.

If you search "excell" in the unistream help file you will found many interesting things about how to use .xls files with the PLC...but, in my opinion, and I repeat maybe I have wrong what you really need, you have to find the way to combine and manage the information that you have (as I wrote in my previously post).

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