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V700 TCP/IP communication

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Good morning,

I am having some troubles creating a communication with a device (painting thickness measurement) , this device acts as a server. I send commands and it sends back the result. (ASCII text lines). After a command is processed, the TCP/IP connection is disconnected by the server.

The problem is that I am able to stabblish the connection and to send the commands, but I don't receive or I don't know how to see any response.


I am using  Vision V700 and Visilogic 9.8.31


I think that the program should be as follow:

- Sock init in TCP and Client (master)

- 2 x Protocol TCP/IP configuration (one for send and the another one for receive)

- Connect to the socket

- TCP/IP Send Message

 - TCP/IP Scan

- TCP/IP Close Socket


I am using also the function 'V700 read eth card' to see the messages sends and receive,

but I am not receiving any messages. 


Is there something wrong with this configuration? Is there another way to do it or to diagnose it?

Thanks in advance ,

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1 hour ago, Cam said:

Is the tcp scan located in a sub routine?

yes, it is used in a sub routine, which is called every cycle and that do the following steps:

1: open the connection to the device
2: send the command 
3: read the answer
4: disconnect the connection to the device



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