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Now THIS is a stuffed bearing!


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Hi all, thought you might love this.  In the words of a famous Aussie film character:

"That's not a stuffed bearing.....THIS is a stuffed bearing!"

This was the bottom bearing of a vertical shaft driven fan with a belt drive at the top.  Gravity was helping to keep the shaft mainly in place after the bearing siezed and then spun up in the pillow block.   But it is still one of the worst I've played with.  Imagine the noise if it had been a horizontal shaft....it would have attracted attention far earlier than this one did!  There were 2 fans both the same but this one the worst, and the client can't believe how quiet things are now!  It think it was a bit like car shock absorbers, a gradual deterioration not really noticed until the problem is rectified and then you go Gee Whiz!

cheers, Aus

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