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Access UniStream web server via internet


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Hi Guys,
I have a customer asking to have remote access to the web server of a UniStream PLC via internet (everything works perfectly in the local network).
I am thinking to use EWON COSY vpn router in order to achieve a secure connection. 

Is there anyone who used this device before? What about connection reliability and response speed?
Do you know of any other similar product which can be used for such an application?

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi Kikis, the thing that bothers me about this device (I've looked at it in the past) is that it appears that it uses an intermediary server to do the connection.  It doesn't appear to be a direct link because you "log in to your Talk2M account" using the "eCatcher client" to initiate the connection.

Perhaps this negative view is completely unfounded/unjustified and it is all perfectly ok, but I have a personal aversion to that sort of principle.

cheers, Aus

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Just a few comments regarding the Ewon Cosy VPN router and its integration with Unistream controllers.

I have used the Cosy to remotely connect to a Unistream 10.4" HMI via VNC through internet and it works great.
I also used the NAT 1:1 function, so that the user won't need to use internet when connected in the same LAN.

Connection is 100% reliable and response is relatively quick, there is a bit of lag but it is fairly acceptable.
It takes approx. 15 min to set it up and get it working, only very basic networking knowledge needed.

Connection is achieved via Ewon's M2WEB cloud service and requires to have a valid TALK2M account.

Unit  price for a COSY 131 is quite high (490 Euro), but in my opinion it is worth as connection security is number 1 priority.

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Some thoughts on this type of device...

I've looked at the Ewon and the Tosibox units.  I lean toward the Tosibox as it requires a "key" and seems more secure.  The concern I really have with these or any other setup that uses a third party cloud-based connector service is you are handing the keys to your kingdom to another company and trusting that they won't abandon you.

13 hours ago, Kikis said:

Unit  price for a COSY 131 is quite high (490 Euro)

No, it's not.  Look at what you're really paying for-


Pay particular attention to the phrase "free standard service".  Free?  Really?  No.  Programmers don't work for free, contrary to some of the posts we get on this forum asking for an "example" of a very specific application.

You're really buying a "lifetime" subscription to their web service.  

Their (and others) business model is the web service and its costs will be covered by ongoing future hardware sales.  This is very similar to a Ponzi scheme (my personal opinion).  If their hardware sales dry up, that free service will become a monthly fee or go away all together.

I used to have a Palm Pilot in the Before-Time for my contacts, which I synchronized to Outlook with a program called PocketMirror by Chapura.  Then  this happened-



Bummer.  So I threw my Palm Pilot TX in a drawer and figured out how to get what I needed from the Android in my smart phone.

So the solution with any of these products will probably be good for 10-20 years.  Probably.  And I do recommend these.  Just tell your customer not to be too surprised when the Internet of Things company gets bought or decides on a different Thing.

Joe T.


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Hi Joe,
Thanks for posting your thoughts, sharing your experience is always valuable for us!

Regarding the Unit Price for Ewon Cosy, my comment was from customer's point of view.I have a lot of customers asking to have internet remote access, but once they hear the cost, they finally decide that they don't need it!



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