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help needed for programing

Guest y.s

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i nedd help for trying to connect with a pc to several plc and to controll them all with a user interface,what is the way to connect them all(cable,protocol...) and how to program the plc to one pc?

thank you

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What PLC model/series? When you say PC, controlling group of PLC’s, how? Are you talking HMI software like Wonderware on master PC? Without some HMI software for PC you could use remote access (or VNC if Unistream) to a single master PLC that in turn controlled others via MODBUS. Vision has .NET however that is out of my league. Both Vision and Unistream have webservers. 

I suspect the other guru’s will ask For specific example of what/how you are controlling on the group of PLC’s. There are ways and I’m sure the group here can get you pointed in the right direction. 

When you say “user interface” on PC it leads me to think HMI software that would in turn exchange data via OPC, MODBUS, or .NET. 

If you don’t need HMI at each PLC look into remote I/O to a single PLC then remote access that PLC on PC. Need more info to really hone out a good recommendation. 



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This is much easier if you put Ethernet cards in all your PLCs and network them.  Then give us an idea of what you mean by "control them all".  Do you want to see or change data on all the PLCs at the same time on one PC?  If so, then hotwires' suggestion on some HMI software is the best way to do it.

Joe T.

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