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Analog input Stops reading in 2 channels randomly


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I have a Unistream with the following modules and positions

UID-1600 @ 0    Di module

UID-0016R @ 1 DO relay module

UID-0402N @ 2 AI/AO module

UID-0402N @ 3 AI/AO module


I dont have any analog outputs on the UID-0402N modules, on one of the 0402N the 4-20ma signal coming in on channel 4 from a level transmitter randomly reads 0% for 2 mins and then comes back  to actual level after that for 2 more minutes and then goes back to 0 for 2 mins and so on. while this is happening the display on the transmitter reads correct the whole time and the 4-20ma on the terminal blocks read fine(checked with meter). If i power cycle the UNIStream the problem gets fixed for a few days and then it starts up again. any help on this would be greatly appretiated.


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