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How can I implement a high speed counter for paper rolling project?

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Hi all,

I am a fairly new  and inexperienced programmer when it comes to using Visilogic software; my experience lies more in implementation of the Unilogic/Unistream line of software and controllers. Because of this, I wanted to ask if someone could show me how to write a simple subroutine for a high speed counter using the Visilogic software. My current project involves using a digital input that produces square-wave pulses and I need to use these pulses to make the HSC count how many feet of paper are rolled onto a drum as they come off a product line.

I would also appreciate it if someone who has done a similar project could share their code with me as well if it was done using Visilogic software.

Best and thanks for the help.

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The first expansion I/O module always starts address at 32. This allows room for a potential Snap-In module that starts at address 0. Each (digital I/O) module after will start at the next increment of 16, regardless of how many addresses were taken up by prior modules.

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Thank you for explaining the input addressing to me, things are starting to make a lot more sense now.


I am referring to the Vision 130-J-B1 PLC (listed as the V130-33-B1 in the Hardware Config. in the Visilogic software); my apologies for not including those details. Unfortunately, I do not have information on the kHz rate for the sensor at the moment; I will have to ask my boss for this and will update you when I have that number. I have looked through the online manual for the DI8-T08 expansion module and am aware that the HSC is located on I7 and the reset on I6. What are the limitations for the HSC you are referring to?

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