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Thanks Cara. I was actually looking for execution times for various functions and stumbled upon that page. I never found what I was looking for. To illustrate, I use the INCrement function block in my programs. If I knew that ADD 1 (which serves the same purpose) were quicker, then I could decrease my scan time by using the ADD function. Most PLC software manufacturers make this information available, but I couldn't find it in the help menu or on the website. Does this information exist?

Helpful tip for the day: For those of you who might be wondering how to get nice partial screen captures using Windows 7, go to START--ALL PROGRAMS--ACCESSORIES--SNIPPING TOOL. Snipping Tool allows you to click on an area, drag your mouse to select an area to capture, and save as an image file. I use this tool so often that I have it pinned to my taskbar, along with Calculator.

Have a great day!

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