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Hello, I am trying to print a label from my Samba to a  Zebra GK420d epl.  I am definitely struggling, I am not familiar with Visilogic or zebra printers.  right now I am just trying to get it to print through the serial port but eventually I would like to print through Ethernet using the Zebranet 10/100 external print server, but one thing at a time. Attached  are some screenshots with the init and the Zebra configuration. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!






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There is/are. 

Nearly everyone here is not a Unitronic's employee...we are all volunteers with jobs.  Someone will help you when they can, which is generally fairly fast. 

If you can post your entire program that would be of help.

cheers, Aus

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At the 1st you must read this two document



After that you must setup correct serial connection (see printer manual),  run example on PLC and try to print some words.

In you printer configuration control char 5Eh is used (see it  in example Protocol block).

But you Protocol configuration in file do not use any control character.

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