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Sequential Timer


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Hello, I am a beginner and am having trouble completing this task. 


I am trying to turn outputs on from a push button for about 30 seconds, then off for 2 minutes, then on again for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times. After the 5th time, I would like to increase the off to 4 hours. This happens until someone manually presses the reset button on the HMI.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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32 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

Sounds like a fun project. Is this a classroom exercise? Regardless, take your best shot at it and post your project here. Someone will be happy to assist.

I am an intern setting up a wireless doorbell. I have everything setup and as of right now in another function, I have it turning on for 5 seconds then off but that is it (it also keeps a log on the HMI for which push button is pressed and the date/times it was pressed). I just want to improve on the project.


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Also, I was just told that instead of the 4 hour wait, to just keep it as:


Turns on for 30 seconds, then off for 2 minutes. Cycles 5 times then stops. 

This can also all be avoided if someone manually presses the reset button i setup on the HMI.



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It's impossible to tell what you have from a screenshot of 3 rungs. Post your entire project with very specific questions and we'll try to help. Please keep in mind that nearly everyone on this forum is an unpaid volunteer with actual jobs, not Unitronics employees. We want to help but no one has time to write your program for you.

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