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Library String Selector - Choose String

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  • MVP 2023

Visilogic software provide String Library option.

Now i must to do some changes to one of my project (used 9.8.65 Visilogic version). When i try to use Library String Selector


i see


and must to find down scroll button  by mouse....(see arrow on pic). Only after that i see a string that i must to change.


Yes, i can use Enter on keyboard  or Edit String button on screen, but  i do not see what String is edited  :(


Is it possible to make selected string visible after "String Library - Choose String" window appear?

I tried to enlarge the window but its size is not saved and the next time I use it, I need to look for the selected String again.


This may be a minor issue, but with a large number of captions to edit, I keep making mistakes when editing and it takes extra time.

Especially when working on a site with a computer without an external mouse


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  • MVP 2023

Kratmel, I can't replicate what you're asking as not that many strings.  As a work around you could perhaps export everything to an excel file, do all your mods and then import the result. 

Or perhaps increase the number you call, as it would appear that the window "just" misses it.  ie call 140 to work on 135.  Might make things a bit easier.

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

I found that issue present on Win XP computer with 9.8.65 Visilogic that i must use on site. 

I was not allowed to use my computer for this job and I had to install 9.8.65 on a computer that used to collect data (old Win XP machine) . 

I returned to my Win 7  and all selected String is visible.  :)

Thanks to @Ausman

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