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Bug in CustomControl->Button->MessageAction ?


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I ran into problem where I had a screen with two instances of the same Custom control (see picture).


Parameter to the control on left is TestFlag1 and on the right it's TestFlag2.  Accordingly THe light on left shows TestFlag1 ad the other is TestFlag2.

When a button is pressed, a message box pops up and when OK is pressed there the value of the parameter (TestFlag 1-2) is toggled.  Problem is that it doesn't matter which button I press, there is only the value of TestFlag2 which gets toggled (i.e. light on right toggles no matter which button I press)

If I skip the message box and do the toggle directly in the button press, the correct flags are always toggled.  Am I missing the correct way to do this or is it just something I have to work around ?


Thanks,  Bjarni

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OK, I was able to reproduce the bug.

Currently you will have to work around this issue (like creating your own message box),

Please note that for a message box that you create then if you use a Rectangle element as a background, then presses are passed to the elements below it (Which is not good for you), but if you use a fixed text with a background, but with no text, and a dummy action linked to it, then it catches the touch events and do not pass it to the elements below it.


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