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Go here: https://unitronicsplc.com/vision-series-vision430/ 

Find the installation guide for your model under document downloads near the bottom of the page.

Read about setting jumpers correctly for inputs and comm ports, and disassembly/assembly involved. Then set ALL the jumpers in your new unit to exactly match those in your failed unit.

I'm assuming that you have the program that runs it all, and can download a copy into your new plc. 

If the above jumper setting procedure doesn't work, one other issue may be that the newer plc might have newer O/S and firmware.  Use Visilogic to find old unit's firmware details etc by using Connection/Communication & OS/4th tab from the left (Operating System) and click check when you have the unit hooked in online.  Compare this to the new one.  If they are different come back to us.

cheers, Aus

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Please post what is changed - V430 or weight controller?

6 hours ago, Ulban said:

I have a weight controller that was working with a V430 via rs 232 the indicator was damaged and I changed it to the same model but it no longer register the weight

What indicator on V430 or  on weight controller is damaged. ????

If indicator on V430 is damaged, maybe you may get it from new V430 and install to the damaged device.

No programming is needed in this case.

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