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120 to 130 hardware change puzzle


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(SOLVED, see my next post)

Hi all, I have long put up with this, but wondering why it is not possible to change hardware on a project done on a V120 to a V130.  I know they are different beasts, but they are not that different.  And to quote the box that comes up telling me I can't do it: "The Hardware Configuration of a project cannot be switched between PLC models comprising color LCDs and models comprising monochrome LCDs or Samba models".

Well....unless my tired old eyes have finally gone colour-blind and also a bit loopy, 130s are a monochrome screen and are the same size, 128 x 64.  So why does Visi crack the poops on this?  Sometimes it would make my life so much easier!  Perhaps there is a way around this I haven't considered?  I feel sure it is also other hardware related, but it is frustrating given that the message is only relating to the screen.

Just for fun, I used one of Joe's mods for someone to show the point in the attached pic.

cheers, Aus



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Sooooo, following Flex's pointer, I started  hunting around Help. 

And....drum roll....I've discovered the answer!  Me, the greatest sayer of "use the help files", now finds the reference to doing just what I want.

It is simply under Project and is an area described as "Convert projects".  In my case there is a Convert project to V130-33!!  Duhh!  I am such a dumbo! There is also a convert project to colour.

This is a classic case of having used Visilogic for so long and completely missing a really useful bit.  I get really annoyed with myself when I discover something that's been there all along but I haven't really noticed.  It is almost as if the brain simply glides over the words and doesn't see them!

You can all kick me now!   🤣

cheers, Aus

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