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Has anyone else had problems with upgrading the OS that is packaged with Visilogic 9.2? I have several V130's that I'm trying to update. So far I've had 5 PLC's fail to take on the first try, 2 that I had to hold (i) and manually put the PLC back in to run mode and retry, and 1 that constantly fails on Step 1 (Erasing system files). I'm following the wizard, I'm plugged into COM1, I've got an windows XP based PC.

Anyone have any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?

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Ditto. The older versions of Visilogic defaulted to 57600 baud. I've observed that when you install the new software version and start to upgrade the O/S, the PLC immediately goes to 115200 but the software stays at 57600 and doesn't bother retrying at 115200 unless you manually set it. It's bit me in the butt with my customers a couple of times.

This may be an issue the Creators want to look at.

Joe T.

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Thanks for the responses. I just figured it out.

I did verify that I was at 115200, but that didn't seem to help. I had to cycle the power to the PLC, then use the advanced install. I also had to install the OS and boot strap files separately.

After doing this the OS upgrades on all my PLC"s went smoothly.



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