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Hi guys,

we have connected our SAMBA to WLAN and can access it now through WLAN with the Visilogic software.

Now we want to export data from the Samba through WLAN to a PC. For example when a new User enter his name on the touchpad of the samba, the samba should send this information to the PC.
How can we do this? Is there any tutorial on a task like this?



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I will try to specify my question:

-We are using a SM43-J-T20

- There are several parameters ( %, Volume, operator name..) that needs to be entered in the touchpad of the SAMBA. This parameters are stored in the PLC as MB, MF or whatever suits.

- all these information need to be send to the PC so another operator can see what is happening with the plc

- it would be nice, if the PC could check the information  cyclically and on certain events

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Permanently  run remote access or remote operator on the PC and tuck it away in a little used corner of the desktop?

Or....have a look at UniDDE, or perhaps UniOPC


DDE will likely give you the basics of what you want, but you might need a little script running to cycle things periodically to fully achieve your needs.  So you'd have a little excel window running and updating with just the info you want visible.

cheers, Aus

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