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Whilst we're on the colours subject, Visilogic lets you change colours but only applies them to some areas.  eg  Background doesn't change all  backgrounds, like the explorer, as well.  Why not?  Pretty much for the same reason as above.   I remember playing with color settings in the registry ages ago on this, but could never get the entire screen to do what I want.

cheers, Aus

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Guys, I looked into this as regards UniLogic. I don't have an answer right now, but I am guessing (unofficially, just my guess) that it will make it into the To-do list. I do know this is considerably more expensive, in terms of development time, than you would think--not just a matter of setting a few properties. So I'm guessing it will take a while.

Aus, VisiLogic is VB6--different animal, as you know. I'll ask...

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I'd recommend installing a tiny Windows program called NegativeScreen which easily lets you assign display color modification to shortcut keys.

That way you can make all your apps and UI work in white mode, and switch to dark mode globally. Color images would be affected of course -- they'd become negatives -- but you could do some real neat things. Like, make your screen red and black, the night vision mode usually associated with astronomers. I've attached the screenshot of this forum page to get an impression. ;)

2020-08-24 22_22_38-Window.png

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