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is it possible to Divide or Multiply all array entries at once?


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I'm looking for a method to divide or multiply all entries in an array by the same number and store this into  another array.

[1,2,0,1,0,0,1.....] x 20 = [20,40,0,20,0,0,20,....]

Is there any way to do this without generating a loop.   (the MUL and DIV functions doesn't support an array as input.)

UDFB or c code?


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  • MVP 2023

Depending on EXACTLY what math you want to do, the old Visilogic Linearize Array would do it.  I ran into this trying to convert a Visilogic program to UniLogic.  The following post addressed this problem, including an attached UDFB:


Joe T. 

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