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Webinars....are they interactive? If so, need another time.


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@Cara Bereck Levy 

Hi Cara, are Webinars interactive?  Of just a "how to do"?

I've never done one via Registration, as it means I have to be up at 3AM for one at 10AM PT.  I used to be available for work 24/7, but getting older I have progressed from that!

I've always assumed that part of the process is a Q&A session, which isn't recorded for the later viewing capability.

Is this assumption correct?  If so, could we possibly have a different time, or perhaps 2 runnings?  There are others in the world apart from the USA!

cheers, Aus

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Hi @Ausman :)

They are indeed interactive - we make them available for viewing afterwards. And you are correct--the Q&A is not published along with the webinar.
This series is run by our US team. I will suggest that we pick a more Down-Under friendly time in the future.

I actually just made a blog post explaining where to find this recorded series.


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