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Hi Dave,

I'm Cara, your friendly neighborhood technical writer :)

I give context-sensitive Help where I can. VisiLogic was one of the very first Windows-based PLC-HMI programming packages.

Unfortunately, that means that it has some limitations.

Some of our dialog boxes, for example, COM Init, are designed so that I can add a Help button; and if you are actively editing COM Init, pressing F1 will open the Help file to that topic. However, the UniCAN Send function uses what our developers call a 'generic form'. I cannot add context-sensitive Help to these. In cases where there many requests, sometimes the developers will re-engineer a function to allow it.

That said--if you look for information and don't find it, please do contact me, either via the forum or support@unitronics.com. Sometimes, the information exists but I haven't anticipated how a user might look for it. In such cases, it takes me a few minutes to add Search terms, or create hyperlinks. If the information doesn't exist...I have work to do. :)

Simon, who originally answered your query, has given me a lot of work over the years. :P

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