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Actuator interface

Kevin L

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I'm using a USP 10.4, and i'd like to add a module to control the position of linear actuators

The Hall sensors in the actuators are 0-5V, and the count frequency will be high, as there are dozens of pulses per millimetre of travel

Any thoughts on which module to use?


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We need a little more information on the actuators, but I'm guessing they have quadrature feedback.

I'd go with UID-0808THS modules which will handle two actuators each.  You'll need to convert the 5V to 24V - Google up "5v to 24v opto isolator".  

Let us know what you find.

Joe T. 

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The actuators are indeed quadrature feedback

You've reinforced my thinking the UID-0808THS module is the one

I purchased a few of the opto isolator converters from the link below, initial bench testing is promising

Just need to work out how to write the subroutine now - every day's a school day!


Thanks for your help again Joe


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