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System Upgrade recommendation note

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When doing system upgrade for Vision PLC, there is a message while OS is being installed:

For System Upgrade PC should be connected to PLC via COM 1

Should be, or has to be? OS can also be upgraded vie Ethernet, so why is it recommended to be done over serial port? Why is this note there? Is it technical reason or practical, like if something goes wrong PLC will be in your reach and you won't have bricked unit in remote location.


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I've had units totally fall over doing it by ethernet, and have had to do lots of travel to fix as the only method was serial.  That said, I mainly use 130s, which shouldn't affect this but perhaps does.

I remember whingeing about this on the forum once, but couldn't find it with a quick look.  Wanted a big red warning to come up saying don't do it!!

Haven't been game to try since.  All updates now done when on site.   :)

cheers, Aus  

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17 hours ago, Ausman said:

I remember whingeing about this on the forum once

This could have inspired that Note. I remember reading an old topic about user objecting that timers which have unused contacts should generate warning message after compiling, now timers with unused contacts do generate warning after compiling.

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