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sm 70 -j-RA22 analog input

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Hi i try to connect this transmiter https://store.clarksonlab.com/HI8936C.aspx . 

it has the following terminal. 1. 20+ vdc 2. com 3. com 4. 4-20ma.  

1and 2 is the power supply and 4-20 should go in the analog input. plc and transmiter have the same power supply.

i get no signal. I can measure 4-20 ma between +20 vdc and 4-20 ma at the transmiter.

samba has 37 Ω resistance analog input and this transmiter is max 500 Ω output should i use a 500 Ω  resistance connected in series? 

thank you in advace!



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Unitronics Analog Inputs are sinking and use 0V as common.

Sensor you refer require external power, so it is sinking as well.

To connect to Unitronics Analog Inputs, you have to use special adapter/transmitter/current loop repeater.

May be Forum Members used such devices in projects.



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