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Remote operator on Android crashes PLC during cache download


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  • MVP 2023

Has anyone experienced this? Sometimes when engaged in a lengthy cache download from a (in this case) V1210 PLC the PLC will crash with this error:


The cache download is over the internet and the issue may be a flaky internet connection, but it certainly should't crash the PLC.

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  • MVP 2023

I have 1210 with the same behavior (but via standard connection). After some time  (approx half year) PLC start with black screen and beeps. 

After some investigation (with Unitronics support) found problem in grafic chip soldering. After resolder chip - all ok.


Maybe it is not the same issue...

If Ldr 0x000001B0 code is the same in all Stop Mode cases  - please check it via Visilogic Find Subroutine By Ladder error code in Edit menu.




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