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Hmi and EX-A2X doens't connect

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Hi guys,

I'm nor really familliar with unitronics but i had worked with Siemens and Omron PLC's.

I have a V1210-T20BJ with a V200-18-E3XB for the brewery where i work. It should connect to a EX-A2X with IO cards but ii doesn't. I changed the EX-A2X but i still have the same problem. Does it has to be setup? What other module could be defect? Can someone help me?

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1) You need to add the I/O modules connected to the EX-A2X in the hardware setup in the software loaded on the PLC.

2) You need to connect the EX-A2X to the PLC with the correct Unitronics cable, paying attention to which end plugs into the PLC and which end plugs into the EX-A2X. Be sure the cable is plugged into the correct socket on the V1210. The correct socket is labeled EXP PORT.

3) You need to apply 24V power to the EX-A2X module.

Both Power and Comm lights should be steady on green if connected properly.

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