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Unistream Public IP Address


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  • MVP 2023

I fired up a UniStream to see if DHCP was an option - it is not.  The IP address of the panel (which does the heavy lifting) is set in the project definition.

If you want to see the panel IP value, look in under System->General->Panel IP Address.  Then I tried to access this variable and put it on the screen and found it is not part of the System Data struct.  I got the same result when I tried to access it via the ladder editor.  So it's there, but we can't seem to access it.

I think you are out of luck.  I would ask this question officially by sending a request to support@unitronics.com.  Let us know what you find.

Joe T.  

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Under Screens,  Numeric Elements, there are 2   IP Address  Options

            IP Address Edit   -- you can select which IP Address to  view and edit   ( IP Address Type)

           IP Settings Edit  --   Panel, CPU, DNS  -- View and edit

These are all editable from the screen


   In the Ladder  - Strings   --  IP to String    and        String to IP    ( no info in Help for explanations)

       IP to String       allows an  ASCII   Variable

     ASCII to String  -- does not allow setting a Panel IP  -- from what I can see.


    ( Don't have  UniStream to play with  right now  - else I would test them out )







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  • MVP 2023

@DanT - I did see the screen object edit choices but I didn't  think about the IP to string function.  Which is dumb of me because I use that in Vision.  Good thing your brain is engaged!

@Buddy123 -  That made me dig a little deeper into the system variables, and I found my first post to be in error.  I was expecting the IP information to be in the System Data struct, but it's actually in the General struct.  So I need to bone up on UniLogic system names.

Using the system tag "General.Panel IP Address" as a source you can indeed save off the IP address.  I've attached my test project.

Joe T.


7 inch IP test.ulpr

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