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Using the amount of output pulses via a counter within a ladder program.

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Hi all, 

Upfront, thank you Unitronics for amazing products and tech support to match.  For the forum administrators, please excuse me if I do something wrong, this is literally the first time I have posted on a forum.........ever! Yes I live in a pineapple under the sea!

Please anyone assist me, my project is a process scale. What it is intended for, is to continuously weigh a product according to a set target in Kg's. This into a holding bin on load cells. Feed into the the holding bin is controlled by a feed gate that opens and closes around the target value. Once the target value has been reached the feed gate closes and a final reading in Kg's taken, then discharge gates open and release the product into a process or a silo. After each reading is taken that reading is accumulated to indicate a total in tons per day / week / month etc... This process happens continuously and automatically 24/7/365.  But...over and above the accumulation I also need to know how many tons per hour is flowing through the system, this is my problem right now! I am one step away and and can't figure it out!

In the picture attached, I need to be able to divide C (MI15) by the value in either counter 0 (A) or counter 1 (B) to give me D (tons per hour). A & B are the number of cycles per minute or the amount of times the feed gate opens and closes in a minute..  C is the average weight of 10 consecutive weighments and is ever changing according to the flow of the product. Visilogic (that I can see) doesn't allow me to divide an MI by a value in a counter, not directly anyway. I need to be able to use the values in the counter as these will not be constant. Also, any ideas on how to factor the rate per hour (once calculated) into a trend? Trends are really confusing for me in my application, and I've watched the tutorial several times now.  

The PLC is a V350-J-T2 with an IO-LC1. 

Thanking you in advance.

Unitronics query.png

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And a PS to the above, if you haven't discovered it yet, play with Formula under Maths.  You can do an awful lot in one hit with this.  It initially seems a bit cumbersome, but it's often worth taking the time to make it work, as it can be tailored to do stuff 'just right'.



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Ok, Thanks for everyones input, this is what I eventually did which worked out quite nicely. As you can see I have a tons per hour rate. 

I think I have another query but first want to try battle it out, I find thats the best way to learn. 





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