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Array of String ? For "Coppy column to array (DTI)"


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In fact, I can't use this block for the purpose I required.
Because I also have to count the number of previous lines that do not contain the STRING, in addition to noting the line number (from bottom to top).
But, I need it for another use, in which... this is exactly what ... I need.

So, that's cool.

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Yes. Tat's clever.  Have to admit : hadn't thought of that.

But i need to start at the end. And, i have to exclude the empty lines before.

Excluding empty row is checking for zero (in one specifique cell that canot be 0 if not empty). So, Find DTI Column won't work.

But one the first unempty row find, using that block is lighter, smarter. Must be folow by a sub, though.

I will keep it the way i wrote. 

But I already used this since I read your answer :)

And i probably should have do it before.




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