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Excel File As Database


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Instead of using the SQL database, does anyone know if it is possible to connect the Unilogic to an Microsoft Excel file? I would like to generate an easy database on the Excel spreadsheet and put it on SD card or some other places, and then connect the Unilogic to the spreadsheet to get the data.




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I have accomplished this a couple different ways:

1. Put the data table on a webserver page so you can connect and edit data remotely. 

 2. Convert UDT to .csv then FTP that to your network folder.  Open in excel, edit, save as .csv, put back in network folder, Then FTP receive from the PLC (power up or button etc). 

3. SQL to/from SQL database.

SD card would be my last choice, you can even just use a FTP client like filezilla and "manually" grab it off the PLC to edit then put it back.

Only issue I have is converting from .csv into excel, takes to many clicks/keystrokes so I normally just edit the raw .csv in notepad.


File size could be an issue but some tables have 500-1000 rows of 19 columns and do not miss a beat. 



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