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Can't edit meter variable values

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I am programming on SM35-J-R20 in Visilogic 9.8.31 (I wasn't able to update the PLC on the newer versions). I made a demo program on my PC, everything worked fine. But now I make programs for my company on company notebook, and I ran to this problem: when I try to edit the meter variable, almost every (I assume) slider as well as buttons (on the cross) are white. I can't edit values like Radius, Arc Angle etc., because even if I click on it, nothing happens. Do any of you have an idea what could cause it?  Both my PC and notebook run on Windows 10. I also have a problem with a scroll bar in Ladder, but I kind of got used to it.

If you wonder why I'm still doing this in 2021; well, my company has found dozens of these PLCs in a storage they bought from the former company.

I will appreciate any help.

Best regards,



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  • MVP 2023

Hi Mimo,

Please have a look at topic 16 in this list.


After you've read the fixes and applied them, which may perhaps involve shifting W10 to the latest version, please then try again and report back.

In particular, in Visilogic (correctly installed as Run as Admin??) go to the Help tab and in Index find OS.  Double click and the open "Downloading an OS", which explains the best way of going about ensuring your PLC's O/S matches the Visilogic version you are running.  I strongly suggest that you first find what the PLC tells you it is currently on, which is displayed at the bottom.  Depending on what your needs are, it might be easiest to change the Visilogic version you are running to the one that matches all the PLCs you have.  Use the list found here:


If the particular version of Visilogic has everything that you want, then be aware that changing to a later version might bring issues to something that previously worked fine.  See here:


cheers, Aus

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I didn't want to mess around with my Windows settings, so I simply left it that way and didn't use a meter. I learned to work without a scroll bar by using a lot of subroutines.

However, nowadays I started experimenting with VirtualBox, as I wanted to learn to work with Linux (which is supposedly better for constant serial I/O with PLCs and running one script with database all the time), and I thought of an interesting solution.

I installed Windows XP on VirtualBox, and Visilogic works on XP like a charm with no problems whatsoever!

So if anyone experiences the same problem, this is one of the solutions. 
Here is a tutorial that shows how to install a VM with Windows XP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GYeqWEHzZI 
After that, all you need to do is install .NET framework 4.0 on VM from here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net40 
After that, you can install any version of Visilogic and you are good to go.
I recommend doing what you need to do in XP and then transfer the .vlp file to your main OS to continue working there.

I also found a lifehack that will make transferring data between VM and your computer a lot easier: Use a flash drive, fill it with things you need to transfer to VM, then connect it to VM. Then, in VM, fill it with things you need to transfer to PC and disconnect it from VM. (Note: the flash drive needs to be formatted to FAT32 so Windows XP can read it)

I didn't test if it works on Windows 7 as well, but having a Windows XP is convenient because it doesn't take much space (and also, it can bring you some nostalgia).

Best regards,

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