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SM70 -J-TA22 + EXRC1+ IO-D16A3-TO16 + IO-ATC8

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Hi people.

I'm new in PLC programming and it's difficult to read all forum to find exact answer.

Regards to examples and videos  now it's mostly ok for me. I maked some simple programs and they work well.

Now I'm working on real project and time from time I have some qiuestions.

Yestarday I understod how works CAN and finely begun to send-receive data.

Can I make my own topic to ask all I have?

What the questions I have now:

1. Visilogic- latest ver.  Win 10 64 . Each second error program terminated.  It's boring.


2. Error 702-HW config doesn't support I/O.

Ofcourse. TA-22 have 12 in and 8 out only,  Also I use some of them.  So I set start I/O from RC1 to  I20 and O20. If I set them to i/o 0- no problem.

Everything is working, but this error disturb me. And I cant change CAN subrootine now.


3. Each "DownIoad" to PLC  I have  "invalid operation at current State9" But there nothing present.  I tried write programm from  the ground new but no result.


4. I used RC1 programm ver 7.xx without verswapper. Is it critical?

Thanks for reply.




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  • MVP 2023

Hi Max, do you really know what a Ford Interceptor is?  🙂

Some quick answers to your questions. 

Much of what you're asking sounds like you haven't installed properly.  See here:


Also have a look through this topic and you will find other things that you are talking about:


Come back again after investigating all of this.

cheers, Aus


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Ha! Mad Max 1-2 my favor cinema. Actually I'm not Mad Max in life. I close to Night Rider- I like night driving. But real my name is Max.

Okay, fist thank's for reply. yestarday I call Engineer of Klinkman Ukraine and he explain me all.

So simple mistakes....

About programm- I remove it, reboot and install again.  Only after that all problems gone. Just run as admin- doesn't work.

About 702 Error- of course I should set Vector to MB's not to I/O !

Also I forget to call sub. This is why Linearisation doesn't work.

So now I doing my project and  only I can say- Unitronics is great solution for dummyes like me :)

But one thing is unusefull- impossible open 2 project at ones to copy  parts of programm,



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  • MVP 2023
9 hours ago, Mad Max said:

But one thing is unusefull- impossible open 2 project at ones to copy  parts of programm,

Please read this post completely to get multiple instances.  Pay attention to the very last post.....you cannot copy/paste.  However, if you set your operand numbers up so there is no "overlap", you CAN use export/import subroutine.  But at least you can get 2 multiple instances on screen to compare what you've done....and manually copy.


cheers, Aus


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