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Jose Gilberto

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In most controllers with PID function, when placing the PID in manual mode, the control output (CV) stops the PID calculation and allows the control output (CV) to be overwritten, when the PID returns to AUTOMATIC mode the output of control (CV) starts from the last value that was overwritten. I need help to program this function in the PID of the UNILOGIC, because when the PID STOP MODE stops the calculation but does not allow to overwrite the control output (CV), when the PID goes to RUN mode the control output (CV) continues with the value above before going to Stop, any guidance is welcome, thank you

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When I go to PID manual mode the PID calculation stops and I can store the manual value into the appropriate analog output. To avoid the calculation from using the last PID CV when toggling back to auto I use the force error integral function to make that transition more fluent.

Very early Unilogic firmware versions allowed you to write a value directly to the PID control output but that was changed.

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