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VLP files in WIN10 explorer

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hi everybody,

I have a SM35-J display that I programmed with VisiLogic.

I saved the VLP file on my pc, but I am not able to find it through Windows 10 explorer.

I have "show hidden files enabled", nevertheless the file is not visible.

I tried also through a powershell, but also this one doesn't work.


Can aneone explain me why and how I can see the files?


Many thanks


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  • MVP 2023

Further to Flex's answer, wondering whether it might have been saved to the "cloud"?

There are laptops etc these days that default to storing and using everything via the cloud.  I think it's a really dumb way of doing things, but that's the way some people like it....according to the makers who want to flog the concept.  😱

and a PS.  I've also had instances, (not with anything Unitronics) where the file extension is not automatically added to the file name on save.   The file is there, but needs to be searched for as if it doesn't have an extn at all.

cheers, Aus


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