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Password & User Name Creation using Strings

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I have a new project that will undoubtably be my most challenging to date.   

The valve automation & other parametr control will be simple enough, but I will need to provide the end user the ability to enter production plant Operator User Names and then give those operators the ability to enter a unique password when they tell the system to reset an alarm etc.   

Local Managment at my customer's faclity will need a seperate ADMIN login to edit the Operator Names and assign the passwords.  

I've used basic numeric passwords before, that was fairly simple; however they have all been static with no ability to have the end user to edit same from the HMI.  

I'm thinking that I should be able to accomplish this with using the ASCII string &/or password string function to store these Alphanumeric values from an admin setup screen,  and then the users will need to enter their password in the appropriate boxes and have a comparison function block to evaulate if the entered value is correct.   

I would be using a Vision series PLC.  Probaby Vision 700 or Vision 1210.   

I have not done any development as yet, still waiting on a PO -  but this is the main thing on this project that gives me pause and I wanted to see if I was on the right path or not.  

thank you




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I've done this.  You make a data table with all the operator user names, passwords, and user levels.  You can add more columns as needed for other functions.

Use a common login screen and use data table tools to look up the user.  It will succeed or fail.  If success, store their user level and decide what to do based on that.

As Visilogic doesn't have a data table widget, screen development for the user edit and display (separate screens and register spaces) took longer to do than the actual code.

I'm very limited on what I can share as this was on a customer project,   but I think I can post these screenshots-




Of course I have a State Machine for operator lookup and editing.  This is one of those projects you have to just crawl through one step at a time until it does what you want.


Joe T.


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Thanks Joe  -  I thought I should be able to do that.   There are a couple items on this job that push the boundraries of what I've done before but I thought it should be workable.  

The state Machine concept you showed me a couple years ago has simplified allot of what I'm doing, both in the Unitroincs realm and other systems as well.  

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47 minutes ago, Jeff164 said:

The state Machine concept you showed me a couple years ago has simplified allot of what I'm doing

+1 on this. After learning the State Machine concept from Joe several years ago, I find that it is incredibly useful and simplifies many very complex programming tasks.

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