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App in UniLogic is not identical to app on PLC after Download All


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I have a USP-070-B10 with USC-P-B10 cpu. My program is finished and works fine, however when I run the Verify feature in Unilogic, I get a message that the  application in the PLC is not an identical match to the one on my laptop. I have done a Full Download and a Full Download with Upload, immediately verify once complete and I still get the same result. I have cycled power to the  PLC and still get the same result.

Everything works fine, but I would like to find out what is different between the two....any ideas where to look?

I'm using Unilogic version 1.32.98

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Probably the only exact reason for this can be determined by Unitronics support staff - support@unitronics.com.

However, I can assume that the version of the software in the panel and the CPU does not match the version that is provided in Unilogic 1.32.98.

It is also possible that the real-time clock is not synchronized with the environment.

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Disregard my previous question...I found that the User Access Control in the PLC was not being overwritten when I did a Full Download, or Full Download w/Upload and selected the "Download" button. I had to select the "Download/Reset" option (even though the differences dialog box showed that a reset wasn't required), in order to get the "overwrite user access control?" check box option. After I did that, everything checks out just fine.

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