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Virtual HMI as Scada


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I am new in unitronics, I saw they have so called virtal HMI.

Can I make plc program and make in Virtual HMI graphics and then use this HMI in desktop like scada actualy running this HMI on desktop?

And user will not have acces to the code just run icon for HMI if dropes?

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The UniStream Series has the  ability to do a Virtual HMI.

The Models with the HMI  ( USP, US5,US7,US10 ) can be accessed by a  VNC Connection - the PLC's have a VNC Server built in - Just activate it.

The USC-xx-xxx   Models, the HMI is Virtual  - you create the HMI as it it is actually there, then activate the internal VNC Server to make it available.

 Use a VNC Viewer Program ( They are normally Free downloads from various developers)  and view the Operator Screen remotely.

  There are 2 Modes for VNC  -- Read Only -- Can View the screen , but not do anything on it,   or  Read-Write - View and Control as if you were at the screen in person

The VNC Server can be set up with Passwords.


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