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Timer current value not at zero after downloading application

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Try Reset and Initialize the PLC from the Communications dialog.

The Current Value is set when the program runs.  Only the presets are downloaded.

The Current Value should reset to zero when the timer is called without power, depending on the timer type.  If you have a whole bunch of subroutines that aren't called you will see this.

Can you upload your program?


Joe T.

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Everything Joe Tauser says above is totally correct. I'll further say that if your timers are TD or TE, then you don't care at all what the Current value is at boot up.

Go to the Help file and read the section on Timers to understand how they work. It will help you greatly.

Looking at your picture, it looks like that is just random data already residing in memory when you loaded your program. Since a program download does not affect the contents of your PLC's working memory, it is always good practice to perform an Initialize & Reset just before or after downloading a new program. Initialize clears out (zeroes) all the working memory in your PLC.

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